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JazzTube Festival Bonn

Friday 30. August 2019 @ 17:30 19:30

Underground stop Heussallee / Museumsmeile – exit Haus der Geschichte

LUAH © Linda Schäffler - JazzTube Festival Bonn
LUAH © Linda Schäffler

The Cologne band LUAH is made up of three filigree musicians who create something completely new with their arrangements and unusual instrumentation. The compositions are by front singer Elsa Johanna Mohr and combine jazz, folk and pop elements. They use English and, more recently, Portuguese. The name of the band was derived from the Portuguese word “lua” (moon). The three of them search for new and different colours and lead the audience into different worlds. Again and again, the three voices intertwine to form a unique colour web and, in combination with a jazzy guitar sound, lead to an expressive and unconventional sound. Especially singers like Joni Mitchell and Becca Stevens inspired the band.

The band members of LUAH are the singer Elsa Johanna Mohr, the singer Lena-Larissa Senge and the guitarist and singer Ula Martyn-Ellis.

LUAH has “created his own niche with sunny vocals, folky arrangements and jazzy harmonies. In the process, relatives to the early Joni Mitschell can be eavesdropped on, a pinch of acoustic dream-pop feeling comes into play, and the spice is created by samba and bossa interferences in the repertoire. The songs are always in love with details, placing cleanly played electric guitar, ukulele and glockenspiel effects as unobtrusive partners for the bright vocalises.

Stefan Franzen, JAZZTHING

The Australian jazz guitarist, singer and composer Ula Martyn-Ellis studied at the Institute of Music of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences with Frank Wingold, Andreas Wahl and Simin Tander. Since graduating in 2017, she has been working as a freelance musician, poet and pedagogue in her adopted hometown of Cologne. Among the projects she regularly participates in are LUAH, the Swagtett and her own trio, boy who ate the sun.

The singer and composer Lena-Larissa Senge studied jazz singing at the Institute of Music in Osnabrück from 2012-2017, among others with Anne Hartkamp, Simin Tander and Efrat Alony. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Cologne, where she currently works as a musician and vocal pedagogue in addition to her master’s degree in music education. Since her vocal studies she has composed and arranged for her own band LARIZA and is part of various artistic projects. Her four main projects include LUAH, LARIZA (modernjazz), Inspiration, Dear! (traditional vocal jazz quartet) and the State Youth Jazz Orchestra NRW.

Elsa Johanna Mohr first studied Portuguese literature in Munich and lived for a total of 1 1/2 years in Brazil, where she learned to love the Brazilian language and music – this is a major focus in her musical work, the in addition to jazz/folk and pop influences, her band LUAH is also noticeable. Since 2015 she has been studying jazz singing in Osnabrück, where she has received lessons from SiminTander,Anne Hartkamp,Tobias Christl,Esra Dalfidan and EfratAlony. Like the other two musicians, she has moved to Cologne, where she is involved as a singer and composer in the band projects LUAH, ANTIGUA (Gypsyjazz/ World Music) and MAGIA ENCANTA (brazilian jazz/pop).

YouTube – LUAH – Doce Como Mel
Spotify – LUAH – Sunlit


Elsa Johanna Mohr – vocals, ukulele, percussion, composition
Lena-Larissa Senge – vocals, synths, chimes, percussion
Ula Martyn-Ellis – vocals, guitar

The band plays 3 sets of 30 minutes each
Set 1: 17:30 to 18:00 / Set 2: 18:15 to 18:45 / Set 3: 19:00 to 19:30


Like every year, fans and audiences are invited to vote for their three favourites. Over the duration of the underground concerts (23.8.2019 to 22.09.2019) the artists can be rated positively via SMS. The three bands with the highest approval ratings will play at the Pantheon Theater Bonn on Friday, 11 October 2019.
The voting will be unlocked on Friday, August 23, 2019!

The JazzTube Festival Bonn is sponsored by SWB Bus und Bahn and has been an important contribution to the music scene in the Beethoven city of Bonn since 2012.

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SWB Bus und Bahn

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Thomas Kimmerle


The JazzTube Festival Bonn 2019 is presented to you by SWB Bus und Bahn.
Idea, concept, artistic direction & implementation : Thomas Kimmerle


U-Bahn Haltestelle Heussallee / Museumsmeile – Ausgang Haus der Geschichte

Adenauerallee 262
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