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Maik Krahl Quartett – Decidophobia

JazzTube Festival Bonn

Saturday 12. October 2019 @ 20:00 23:00

Pantheon Theater Bonn

Maik Krahl © Alessandro De Matteis - JazzTube Festival Bonn
Maik Krahl © Alessandro De Matteis

Maik Krahl presents his latest album – Decidophobia

–> Double concert with the Benedikt Jahnel Trio

“Decidophobia” refers to the fear of making decisions. This sounds uncomfortable at first and that a jazz record is called that, admittedly also raises questions, because you have to make some decisions when producing an album.

But the young trumpeter Maik Krahl,who lives in Cologne, is not afraid of decisions at all. Born in Bautzen in 1991, he has been working resolutely on his career as a jazz trumpeter since the age of 8. Only a small excerpt of his remarkable stations are a place in the Bundesjugendjazzorchester, a jazz degree in Dresden with Till Brönner, a master’s degree with Ryan Carniaux at the Folkwang University of the Arts Essen as well as numerous tours in different formations. And the Maik Krahl Quartet, founded in 2017.

With “Decidophobia” friends of traditional jazz get their money’s worth as much as those who like it a little more experimentally. Maik Krahl’s soft trumpet sound, reminiscent of Chet Baker, always remains the common thread. He not only manages the balancing act into modernity in a playful way, but also through the tasteful use of effects.
He provides his trumpet with a delay, alienates its signal by phaser or distortion.

Bass (Oliver Lutz) and drums (Hendrik Smock) form the bracket to a classic jazz sound, and keyboard friends can also look forward to a pleasantly warm and equally multifaceted Rhodes (Constantin Krahmer).

Particularly noteworthy is the title song of the album, “Decidophobia”. As soon as the listener has become accustomed to a soft, traditional sound, the trumpet and guitar use with a distorted signal. This is by no means disturbing, it is almost a Radiohead moment. At the same time, this distorted trumpet is reminiscent of the old-school sound of a gramophone. A conscious decision not to make a decision here and to allow the flow that the piece demands. In addition to all virtuosity, the whole album “Decidophobia” is wonderfully accessible and melodious.

So it remains to be said that the “fear of making decisions” can have something good if it can lead to a varied and coherent sound & motif fireworks like on “Decidophobia”.


Maik Krahl – trumpet
Constantin Krahmer – piano, keyboards
Oliver Lutz – bass
Leif Berger – drums

YouTube – Maik Krahl Quartett – DECIDOPHOBIA Album Trailer
Spotify – Kaik Krahl Quartett – DECIDOPHOBIA (Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 75)


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