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Michael Heupel Meets Marcus Schinkel Trio

JAZZ IN CONCERT presented by Thomas Kimmerle

Monday 9. December 2019 @ 20:00 22:00

Pantheon Theater Bonn

Michael Heupel © Heupel Promotion - JAZZ IN CONCERT Pantheon Theater Bonn
Michael Heupel © Heupel Promotion

Two of the most famous jazz musicians from Bonn, the flutist Michael Heupel, one of the most famous European jazz flutists and the pianist Marcus Schinkel, who is constantly attracted to new cross-genre programs, meet for the first time for a complete concert. reinforced by the Schinkel trio, the Cologne contra and electric bassist Fritz Roppel and the Dutch drummer Wim de Vries.

Michael Heupel travelled all over the world for the Goethe Institute, Marcus Schinkel last year as cultural ambassador of Bonn and NRW in China and before that in Honduras, Vietnam and Russia.

Both musicians have brought with them regional pieces and inspired original compositions from their travels and rearranged them for the concert at the Pantheon Theater. Michael Heupel will also use some exotic instruments.

Let’s go on a world tour with jazz from India, China, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America, because jazz knows no borders.

Michael Heupel studied flute at the Academy of Music in Cologne “classical flute”. Before and during his studies, he was already involved in jazz music and improvised music. In 1990 he founded his own quartet, with which he gave guest performances in Australia and New Zealand for the Goethe-Institut.
Tours with guitarist Uwe Kropinski took him to various countries in East Africa, together with the vibraphonist Stefan Bauer he travelled to West Africa.

Heupel toured with his solo program for flute in Germany, Italy, Turkey, the USA and Cannada, and made guest appearances at the festivals in Montreal and Toronto, Istanbul, as well as in Khartoum/ Sudan.
Together with the drummer and electronicist Christoph Haberer as well as Norbert Stein’s Pata Masters, he travelled several times to Brazil, Australia, India, Indonesia and Marroko – Tunisia.
At various music academies in Germany as well as the Mozarteum in Salzburg, he gives courses for exceptional playing techniques and improvisation.

Michael Heupel – flute
Marcus Schinkel – piano
Fritz Roppel – bass
Wim de Vries – drums

Michael Heupel – Segment


Thomas Kimmerle



Pantheon Theater Bonn

Siegburger Str. 42
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