Rainer Böhm Standard Trio

Rainer Böhm Standard Trio @ Pantheon Theater Bonn © Sabine Büttner
Rainer Böhm Standard Trio @ Pantheon Theater Bonn © Sabine Büttner

Impressions of the concert on 29.04.2019 at the Pantheon Theater Bonn


Excursions into the stratosphere 

The Rainer Böhm Trio at the Pantheon 

“Officially, this evening is all about the” Great American Songbook. ” Rainer Böhm wants to interpret standards as part of the series “Jazz in Concert” at the Pantheon in Bonn, Evergreens of famous musical composers from the Golden Age of Jazz. Pieces you might even be able to hum. At least sometimes. But it does not happen. For although the 41-year-old pianist plays with his trio in an extremely virtuoso manner, the classics by Cole Porter or Harold Arlen are hardly recognizable as such, are nothing more than a mental filament, a final anchor for a musical conversation of a special kind taking place in the stratosphere.”


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General-Anzeiger Bonn

Line-up Rainer Böhm Standard Trio:

Rainer Böhm – piano
Christian Ramond – double bass
Jonas Burgwinkel – drums

Photo Gallery of Sabine Büttner

Photo Gallery of Frank Schulze

Martin Sasse © Gerhard Richter
Thomas Kimmerle

Martin Sasse

In the course of his stage career Martin Sasse has collaborated with almost all legends in international jazz and has long been one of the outstanding jazz pianists in Europe.

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Harry Allen © Ivana Falconi
Thomas Kimmerle

Harry Allen

Gene Lees writes, “Stan Getz was once asked his idea of the perfect tenor saxophone soloist. His answer was, ‘My technique, Al Cohn’s ideas, and Zoot’s time.’ The fulfillment of that ideal may well be embodied in… Harry Allen.” 

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